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Hair Extensions Services

Long, luscious, flowing hair is what you want – but short, thin, and brittle is all you can grow. This is just one of the many reasons why women everywhere rely on hair extension services. You can get the hair you have always dreamed of, without the struggle of constantly trying to find products to enhance your own uncooperative locks.

Our hair extensions process will completely transform your current look and make you feel more confident and fully equipped to rock your style, every day of the week. Hair extensions add both volume and length to your natural hair for a more “full” look.

Hair extension services include any of our hair extensions, or options such as the amazing hair ponytail, clip-in extensions, or our halo products if you want something less expensive and less permanent.

It is also important to note that all our hair stylists are trained veterans in the art of hair extension services, which is crucial when determining where to get your hair extensions done. A bad and unprofessional hair extension process can and will damage your hair, and could even result in hair loss.

Our Hair Extensions Process

Our hair extensions process is rather simple and easy to understand:

  1. We first provide you with a 100% free consultation and color matching.
  2. We will then order your requested hair products based off the choices and decisions made during the initial consultation.
  3. We are then ready to fully execute the hair extensions process, which includes cutting the extensions in to blend with your natural hair, and then the application.
  4. Finally, we are ready to style your new, luscious locks in any manner that you request.

Types of Hair Extensions

There are many different types of hair extensions that you could request, but the top four types that we offer in our salon include Clip-in, Tape-in, Sew-in, and Micro Bead.

Tape-In Hair Extensions

If you are dreaming about having beautiful long hair but don’t necessarily want to wait for your hair to grow out, tape in hair extensions is the perfect solution! Here at Cutters Hairdressing, we have the largest range of tape in hair extensions. We want every woman to feel beautiful in their own skin, and sometimes the simple addition of quality tape hair extensions can make all the difference. How you look could discern your self-esteem and confidence, so why not emulate your best self? We want our tape hair extensions to give you the self-assurance to look and feel heavenly stunning.

Tape extensions are not bulky like many traditional hair extensions, making them a popular choice for women with thin or fine hair. We utilise the latest technology in the ever-changing hair industry, leaving messy glue and painful wefts behind. With a single-method application no longer will apply your hair extensions be such a tedious task.

Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip-in human hair extensions are a popular option if you’re looking for a temporary, gorgeous solution to lustre locks. Beautiful, soft hair is finally in arms reach. Super beautiful, glamorous hair that will see others with major hair envy.

Here at Cutters Hairdressing, we want every woman to feel beautiful in their own skin, and sometimes you need an accessory that will define your ensemble. Add instant length and volume without damaging hair products. Clip-in hair extensions will allow you to embrace the most coveted, stand-out hairstyles. Super-sleek or subtle, glamorous curls – whatever look you love or however you want to style your tresses, embrace a look with confidence. Take your go-to look to new heights – unmistakable shine, and luscious locks.

Please call in and organise a consultation to find out what works best for you.

Sew-In Hair Extensions

Sew-in hair extensions are pieces of artificial hair that we sew directly into your natural hair after first braiding it into cornrows. This type of hair extension generally takes longer to apply but will be more of a long-term solution.

Micro Bead Extensions

Micro bead extensions are tiny wefts of hair that we apply using a small, silicone-lined bead that attaches to your natural hair. Micro bead extensions are also a great long-term solution but can be very damaging to your natural hair if not done correctly – which is why our team of veteran stylists take very careful consideration when applying this type of extension.

Why Choose Cutters Hairdressing?

There are plenty of different hair salons offering hair extension services, but here at Cutters Hair Dressing, we offer high quality service performed by highly skilled professionals with ample experience and a customer-first approach, which includes a 100% commitment to every appointment we schedule.

Highly Skilled Team Members

Our hair stylists are highly skilled and expertly trained in the art of hair styling and hair extension application, so you will always feel comfortable trusting us to manage your beautiful and unique hair.

Years of Trusted Service and Relevant Experience Under Our Belts

Our long-term stylists are highly experienced with hair extensions, making them much more suitable for the job than other salons that are constantly hiring and training new staff members.

Commitment to Appointments and a Customer-First Approach

We make you our first priority. We have a promise to uphold every appointment that we schedule with our salon and continue to serve our customers with a customer-first approach, meaning you are always at the top of our priority list.

Before and After Our Touch

  • “Best, most natural hair extensions I have ever experienced!”
  • “The stylists at Cutters Hair Dressing are always professional and do quality work every time.”
  • “I won’t go anywhere else for my hair extensions after how great I was treated here!”


How long do hair extensions last?

You can expect to have your hair extensions last up to 18 months with proper care, but more commonly, we see clients have the same hair extensions for about 8 to 12 months before choosing to have them replaced.

Will hair extensions damage my hair?

They will not damage your hair when properly installed by one of our veteran hair stylists.

What color hair extensions should I choose?

Hair extension colors will be determined based on your natural hair color as well as your own personal opinion.

How long does my hair have to be before installing extensions?

Generally, hair should be at least 6-7 inches long before beginning the hair extension process.

How do I sleep with hair extensions?

If you find sleeping to be uncomfortable for the first few days after getting your hair extensions, you can simply braid your hair, or use a sleep cap or scarf to contain the hair while you rest. However, most people have no trouble at all sleeping after receiving hair extensions.

How do I shower with hair extensions?

Wash your hair regularly to avoid dander buildup. Do so by gently massaging the shampoo directly to the roots of your hair, and be sure to get under the hair extension as well. Focus on conditioning the mid-length ends and avoid the roots, as this can cause the beads to slip and fall out prematurely. Always allow your hair to air dry and avoid excessive heat sources.

How can I properly maintain my hair extensions?

For a longer life span, wash and air dry your hair on a regular basis, brush your hair gently but thoroughly from roots to ends, and always use high moisture, sulfate-free products on your hair extensions.

Can I use straighteners or curling wands on hair extensions?

We do not recommend using hair straighteners or curling wands on hair extensions. However, if you do, be sure to use the lowest heat setting and try to do so less than once per week.

Do you have parking space at your salon?

We do not have our own parking lot. However, there are plenty of parking garages within a short walking distance to our salon, which you may utilize.

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